Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ender's Game (Book Review/Summary)

I just finished this novel and I have to say it's pretty different to anything I have read before.
Okay, Twinmaker was pretty close "darkness" wise, they both point out the hateful things about human nature. The next to paragraphs are my (badly written) summary of the story SPOILER ALERT, my review will be the next section

The story starts off and the main character is six years old. Ender is about to be selected for Battle School to fight off the other species of intelligence, buggers. The interesting about this book is how it also includes fragments of conversation between Graff, who in a way can be viewed as the antagonist, and others involved with the "development" of Ender. The participants of war are selected by their intelligence level and characteristics. As a third Ender is expected to be selected and is long hated and mistreated by his older brother. Ender is sent off to this Battle School and he excels in any task thrown at him, which leads him to be a well respected and hated being. There he learns how to fight battles and react to situations when in battle. Setting a record for being the youngest to perfect his skills, he is soon sent to an army group, leads his own army, and then sent to Command School.
In Command School he learns how to be in command of groups of ships and fighters, there he completes stimulations with other commanders, who were his friends that he made along the way. Every day they completed stimulations against fleets of buggers, the difficulty increased each stimulation and no two tactics could be used more than once. The final stimulation is Ender's test to graduate from Command school. He ended up passing only to find out theses stimulations was the actual war, that he an eleven year old, had ended the lives of all the buggers.
A group of humans traveled to the bugger planet now empty and discovered the truth among the buggers and Ender sets of to set things right.
              (Peter became the new dictator of Earth, and Valentine had helped but she was able to escape and be reunited with Ender. Together Valentine and Ender wrote stories of the truth among the living and dead, respectively. Ender, knowing the truth about the buggers due to eventual communication with the buggers from his minds, has the last larva to bring back their species and finds a far away place to bring them back in peace)

Now on to what I actually think about the book.
I thought this story to be incredibly good, yet very dark due to the manipulation of young kids and the messing with of minds. LKDJflkajsldkfjaksljf toooooo be continued......(i'm in a rushhhhh)
July 1st 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book Review

Just cause I need to say this somewhere

Killer Frost - fourth and final book of the story
    I read the first three quite a few months before and I remembered them as amazing stories, I had really liked Gwen. I appreciated her strong nature and personality, but this final book made her seem incredibly spoiled and bossy (not sure how to actually put it into words). I haven't finished the book so I should not judge but even after making it to a hundred pages the whole story seemed like summary of the previous stories. Even the fighting scenes seemed weak and fragile. The "clang-clash-clang!" x3 did not make it any better. I'm going to revisit it and hopefully it will be better.

Inside Out vs. Outside In - two of a series
    I enjoyed reading this series (in a matter of a day actually).  However, the first was definitely better than the second. The main character Trella was nicely portrayed in the first story with her courageous and adventurous spirit, her scarcely nervous reactions keeps her relatable and somewhat realistic. I especially loved her interactions with Riley. They make a pretty cute pair, I know their temporary break up in the second book was to keep the relationship suspenseful but it kind of ruined them for me. They were still utterly adorable.
   Logan had to be a favorite, and I liked his sister until the second book where she was portrayed as a traitor and died in such a quick and unworthy way. Logan's quick to be happy mood was nice and his smart, quirky side was a good addition as well. Broken Man was a nice character in the first book but he practically became worthless in book two. Basically I disliked the change of importance in characters in book two, also there was wayyyyyyyy to many. I couldn't keep them or the events straight for very long. But Doctor Lam...whatever, or Trella's mom was one of the characters, along with Riley, that I liked throughout the series. Those two had strong character throughout and are much appreciated in the slightly confusing story.

BLUb 6/15/14

Tutoring Things (mostly for me)

So I received a work book and a reference book. I've picked out basics from the beginning of the work book to work with and I guess I will just refer to the reference book occasionally?

Sections are:

  • Whole Numbers
  • Decimals and Percents - likely to be useful, includes multiplication, division, yada yada
  • Fractions and Rational Numbers - also may be needed 
  • Rates, Ratios, and Properties - seems like something to refer to occasionally so she at least knows it
  • Data and Probability - I don't think graphs are necessary now, but how to predict probability maybe
  • Geometry and Constructions - I think this is too much for fifth grade (working with compasses?) but I'll look into basics 
  • Measurement - area, volume, perimeter,  pages 170 and after is good
  • Algebra - order of operations around page 200, stuff that needs to be visited one day
  • Problem Solving - not reallly sure whats here yet, 220 may be important
  • Calculators - I think this can be skipped at the moment
  • Games - skip
  • American Tour - skip?
Workbook does not include certain sections

    Link for worksheets, info, etc:    http://everydaymath.uchicago.edu/parents/5th-grade/

NUds 6/15/14

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Um..........Draft part 1

I sat and stared into his eyes, was it just me or did they used to be a grey color? 

         I met (insert name here) a week ago, he was the new kid in town. A sort of quiet guy who was surprisingly charismatic when you got to know him, after all in that one short week almost everyone was trying to get a piece of him. Not that I was, I just happened to find him semi attractive as well. 

         But unlike (use that name again), I on the other hand am the complete opposite. I have not been in this town too long either, yet I took twice as long to get to know a couple of students. And even now, can I really consider them friends? My introverted personality does not help my case at all. I have always wanted to change, and I have tried to as well, but old habits die hard and it is not nearly as easy as I would hope.

DUps - 6/14/14


So what is this blog all about?

It's just a place where I can place all my thoughts, like my own private place that is not so private.
I guess this is where my stories will be placed, although good or not is yet to be determined.

I don't plan on being an author in the future, but expressing my "creativity" is easiest in words. Although ignore all my grammar issues, I still have a lot to learn but editing isn't my thing.

Who am I?

Right now I've just finished Freshman year, and this summer I plan on doing something and I guess this is it. (Go class of 2017 whooooooowhooop)
Normally you'll find me surfing the web, reading books and others' writings or off skating or hanging with friends.

Why is this called the "Creative Corridor"?

Originally I was thinking Creative Corner, but that isn't so creative now is it?
(also the site link was taken boooo)
But a corridor isn't just a small place where two walls meet, it's a long pathway that two parallel sides create, going in both directions. It takes you to a new place, it connects two places together. It doesn't stop so easily, and hopefully my ideas don't either.

So I hope whoever sees this will come along on this journey or at least give it a couple of chances haha.
Don't be afraid to leave a comment or contact me with suggestions or anything in general, I don't bite! (Often)

6/14/14 - First Saturday after school ends